C.R. Knight are specialists in Hydraulic Services

Water is an essential service in all buildings. From basic provision of water, to waste disposal and fire protection, providing the appropriate design solution is essential. C.R. Knight Consulting Engineers has been offering specialist design and consulting services to architects, builders and developers since 1960.

From that time, the demands to supply water for an ever-widening range of needs has grown steadily. Now more than ever, water management has become an integral part of the design and facility development process.

C.R. Knight offers leading design, documentation and services during construction of:

  • Trade waste plumbing and drainage
  • Sewer drainage and sanitary plumbing
  • Roof drainage, stormwater and subsoil drainage
  • Domestic hot and cold water services
  • Flushometer services
  • Gas services
  • Fire hydrant and hose reels
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Environmental solutions: Rainwater harvesting, Greywater reuse, Solar hot water, Sewerage treatment.