C.R. Knight as part of project teams provide a complete documentation service. Documentation includes full investigation of site services and site conditions, and review of the new building requirements. Documentation is progressed through schematic design and design development stages. During the construction documentation stage the hydraulic services are fully co-ordinated with other service disciplines, structure and architectural elements. Specifications are prepared. At the end of this stage documentation is ready for tender and construction.

Construction Phase

C.R. Knight offer construction phase services. During this stage of the project we undertake site inspections including construction reports, site generated RFI’s are responded to. We undertake final inspections and undertake commissioning along with the contractor. Final compliance certificates are prepared and issued.

Due Diligence

Many building owners need to know the condition of their existing hydraulic services. C.R. Knight provides a service to investigate the existing site conditions. We undertake a site inspection and where necessary have C.C.T.V. investigation undertaken to support our reports. We provide a full written report to our client.

Document Review

Many projects today require a peer review of documentation. C.R. Knight is able to provide a critical review of documentation.

Feasibilty Reports

Many projects require a feasibility study to be undertaken to determine the visibility of the project. C.R. Knight are able to assist at this stage to review the availability and capacity of site services, the ability of existing building services to service proposed works. 

Environmental Sustainable Design

C.R. Knight have expanded our consultancy to include Environmental solutions to be included in our projects. We have been able implement a number of E.S.D. solutions to our clients. The solutions include the following initiatives.

  • Rainwater harvesting reused for:
  • Toilet flushing
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Cooling Towers
  • Grey water treatment and reuse
  • Black water treatment and reuse
  • Solar hot water options

We are also pro active in the selection in the type of tapware, sanitary fixture and shower selection and advise our clients on the correct selection.
We are committed to providing an environmental friendly solution to our clients.